Oilfield Solids Control

Maintain the integrity of your drilling fluids with our shaker and centrifuge solids control systems.

Solids Control - Clearwater, LLC


Clear Water is based in Greeley, Colorado. We design, install, and operate solids control systems for the energy industry. Mud is a vital part of drilling operations. Our technicians are always on hand and work closely with your mud engineer to ensure every step of the “mud program” is being followed and drilling goes smoothly.

Our shaker and centrifuge systems are a powerful tool for managing drilling solids.

  • Maximize Rate of Penetration (ROP)
  • Minimize Drilled Solids in the Mud System
  • Reduce Drilling Fluid Maintenance and Disposal Costs

Oil and gas companies throughout the DJ Basin are using our systems and have found them to be proven performers. Call our field services team at (970) 353-5763 today to get help selecting the right shaker and centrifuge system for your specific application.

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